Something new and different

I tend to keep everything inside. Letting it build up, and taking it out on the wrong people. I refuse to do that anymore so I decided to start blogging. Getting everything from my mind out. Let’s see how this goes.
So where do I start? Do I make a sappy post about my childhood or my daily life now? Well I can’t because I have a terrible memory and I can’t remember much of my childhood. 

Well right now I just finished my junior year of college, it’s both exciting and scary at the same time. What do I do when I graduate? Will I make enough money to move out of my moms house? God I hope so because I don’t know how much more of her nagging and bitching I can take.

Nothing is ever good enough for her, and in her eyes I don’t do anything. And I NEVER here the end of it. Ever.


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