What is wrong with some people?

Remember when I told you about my boyfriend? The one who I was so happy to have found and who made me the happiest girl I’ve been in awhile?

Well turns out he is a fuckboy just like everyone said.

Everything was going great! We were more comfortable with each other, we were always laughing and having fun. Well we hung out Saturday and Sunday and everything was great. Well Monday came along and I had barely heard from him. He was mad about something that had happened at work. He got mad really easily and had issues with his anger so I just met him be and didn’t really bother him. Next thing I knew it was Tuesday and I hadn’t really heard from him in 24 hours, I was worried because he never went that long without texting me or getting in contact with me.

i had just got off work and it was about 10 am so I decided to take a nap before I started painting. I woke up at about noon…to a text…from him.

It went a little like this, “I’ve been thinking a lot the past couple of days and I don’t think it’s working out the best for us and I’m sorry and I especially apologize for this text.”

I was shocked, he never mentioned this before and a thing like this. I was confused and I figured he was scared. Well there was an exchange of words and we decided to just pretend that each other didn’t exist.

i messaged his step mom on Facebook to ask when she would be home so I could bring his hoodie back without having to see him. He was very pissed off I did this and went off on me. In the end it all ended with a text. “Don’t text me again”. And haven’t. I was upset at first but it only took me a day to get over him.

I figured this was because I knew all along it wasn’t going to work out. We were the complete opposite and there were just something’s that I don’t think I could of accepted fully. It dawned on me. You can miss something that wasn’t really there. Being in a relationship with him was like being single. We never really saw each other and emotionally he wasn’t there for me. He didn’t know how to be. I don’t blame him for not being there emotionally because he didn’t know how too and honestly I don’t think he wanted to learn.

He had a lot of problems of his own. He hated to be around people, he got pissed off really quick and over the stupidest shit. He would punch himself in the head when he was pissed. He had a lot of issues. I was willing to be there and help him with those issues but I guess he didn’t want me too.

In the days following this I have actually been doing good, I’ve been focused on school and spending time with my family.


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